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Industrial breweries and microbreweries plants that produced by A.N. Technologies assembled and produced by using a developed accessories and assistant brewery equipment ensuring the strict, easy and energy save process.
These breweries performed in 5 hl/batch – 50 hl/batch in turnkey solution according to customer location and special project planning.
Industrial breweries configurations designed  for multi process operations, ensures a wide range of beer types manufacturing by using all brew technology types, that makes the breweries  universally useful.

You also can order any brewery size as 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 3500L, 4000L, 4500L and etc. according to your needs.

Height Cellar Height Brewhouse Floor space BH + Cellar + filling + store Beer output per year Number of Unitanks Unitank size Brewery size/batch
3,00 m 2,90 m 80 m2 850 hl 4 1000 L 500 L
3,10 m 3,10 m 100 m2 1700 hl 4 2000 L 1000 L
      5000hl 7 2200L   2500L 
      15000hl   3640L 5000 L