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Brewery equipment for mini breweries, brewpubs and restaurants          
A.N. Technologies provides a full adjustment of the pubbrew and restbrew mini breweries and microbreweries with 1hl-10hl batch/day according to the costumer pub/restaurant location with turnkey solution.
The mini breweries and microbreweries are developed and produced according to the individual design and beer consumption in the project place in order to maximize customer profit. We provide  a wide range of brewery accessories and brewery equipment  making  the brew process  easy, energy saved  and cheap. We also provide the complete solution for keg filling and washing machines for saving working space and minimizing lost of beer.
Height Cellar Height Brewhouse Floor space BH + Cellar + filling + store Beer output per year Number of Unitanks Unitank size Brewerysize/batch
2,10 m 1,95 m 30 m2 270 hl 4 400 L 200 L
2,40 m 2,30 m 60 m2 540 hl 4 800 L 400 L
3,00 m 2,90 m 80 m2 850 hl 4 1000 L 500 L
3,10 m 3,10 m 100 m2 1700 hl 4 2000 L 1000 L
PubBrew” and “RestBrew” mini breweries and microbreweries produced by AN. Technologies have a wide range of configurations for every budget and every available space. Our microbreweries can be produced as a “budget systems” for the beginners, as a unique “Plug&Brew” systems and as a classic microbreweries for pubs and restaurants.
Budget mini breweries and microbreweries produced from 2HL to 5HL with 2 vessels mash system and electric heating. 
"Plug&Brew” mini breweries and microbreweries produced from 2HL to 10HL with 2 vessels mash system and electric or steam heating.
These mini breweries and microbreweries are fully installed and plumbed in the factory. The installation process at customer site is fast and economic.
Composition of copper, stainless steel or copper with stainless steel dish heads provide beautiful look of pubs and restaurants with non-compromising quality of the beer.
Classic microbreweries and mini breweries produced from 2HL to 20HL with 2 or 3 vessels mash system and electric or steam heating.
Our brewing equipment enables production of all styles of beer: from infusion-ales to triple- decoction-lagers.
All brewing operations as well as fermenting & conditioning process can be controlled manually,
via semi-automatic-control with programming system:
BREWHOUSE Basic Components (2-vessel or 3-vessel design):
a) Mash Tun/Kettle (Mashing/Wort-Boiling)
b) Lauter Tun (Lautering)
c) Whirlpool/Hot Liquor Tank (Whirlpooling/Hot water supply)
Heating provided by electric or gas fired steam generator
Fermentation, bright beertanks and beer serving tanks produced by A.N. Technologies are double jacketed, cooled, insulated by 100 mm of polyurethane and equipped with all needed accessories for successful beer fermentation. Our fermentation tanks produced as “Uni Tanks” and can be used as bright beer tanks also. Manholes can be side or up located according to the customer wishes.
Our fermentation and bright beer tanks have two separate cooling zones at cylinder and the cone of the tanks.
Glycol cooling line is fully stainless steel produced with all necessary accessories.
Beer serving tanks produced by A.N.Technologies used for beer serving at pubs and restaurants and used aseptic disposable bags.
Cleaning of microbreweries and mini breweries made by movable CIP station with heating.