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Process mimic Semi-automatic Control 
-         ON/OFF buttons (pumps , motors activation)
-         VDFDanfoss frequency converter (mash , filter pumps)
-         Multi segments programmable controller THIGJET provides 8 mashing temperature steps with timing intervals of process and pauses. The controller is easy programmed by user for multiply brew cycles. Heating frequency is controlled by delta segment that prevents overheating which is vital in mash and boiling processes.
-         Lautertun and Wort TX7000digitall controllers are provided for material temperature measurement output to ensure visual temperature accuracy for the brewer. Temperature accuracy in TX7000 reached by (Pb) segment that ensures temperature difference compensation between PT100 thermo sensor and real temperature.
-         ANT control panel assembled with Omron contactors, protectors and overloads for equipment protection from unexpected power outages and excessive electric currents.
-         Three phase 380V /50HZ , 30 A (can be adopted for any country electric current)