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Microbreweries and mini breweries "Labbrew"  manufactured by A.N. Technologies are the best solution for beer fans and beer masters  for fun, in industry for testing and developing and at the universities for  studying, teaching and investigation.
These microbreweries are designed and produced in turnkey solution as standard in 50 l /batch- 200l /batch and according to customer individual design. Mini breweries are portable, easy operated and fast installed.
This is “All-in-One” complete brewery with sizes from 50L to 200L with 2 matched fermentation tanks and with electric heating. All fermentation control is full automatic and the brewing process is manual. The brewing process is easy, convenient and fast.
  “LabBrew” - small microbreweries and mini breweries for big beer production companies:
These systems are full imitation of the existing breweries of the customer.  Microbreweries and mini breweries can be produced with 2, 3 or 4 vessels mash system and with custom quantity of fermentation tanks.
This line available from 50L per brew.“LabBrew” -  small mini breweries equipped with full range of equipment such as:
Wort cooler
Full automatic fermentation control
Semiautomatic mash control
Steam heating
Chilling unit
“LabBrew” -  small microbreweries designed especially for large scale factories for training, new recipes development and experiments.
“LabBrew” -  small microbreweries is proven economic solution for the factories.