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Use – fermentation maturation and storage processes.
Position – vertical
Appearance - Cylindrical, top domed with conical bottom.
-Material body and insulation cladding- AISI304
-Insulation- polyurethane 100 mm
-Complete pre-piped, pre-wired and test run prior to shipment.
Sample of 10HL Fermentation tank:
Material: AISI 304
Isolation: Polyurethane
 100 mm.
Nett Volume: 1000 L
Total Volume: 1200 L
Dimensions: Ø 1180 x 2600 mm
Top Bottom Angle of the Tapered Part: 60°
Weight of Empty Vessel : 360 kg
Weight of Loaded Vessel: 920 kg
Max. Working Pressure in the Vessel: 2.5 bar
Max. Working Pressure in miller jacket: 1,5 bar
Dish Head: Domed
Lower Bottom: Conical
Legs: Adjustable, 4 pieces
Cooling  jackets: Independent, in the cylindrical and conical part;
Cooling area 2.8 m
 CIP Arm: DN 32/40 with
DN 32/40 valve, 1 pc
Drain Outlet: DN 32/40 with
DN 32/40 valve, 1 pc
Beer Inlet and Outlet: DN 32/40 with
DN 32/40 valve, 1 pc
Spray Ball: Screw connected, 1 pc
Man way door: 400/500
Vacuum  Overpressure Safety Valve: DN 50 at the upper bottom
3 BAR 1 pc
Sample Cock: DN 25
Electronic Temperature Sensor: PT 100, 1 pcs
Adopted with 1 additional sensor slot in the middle of cylinder part DN25
Bimetal Temperature gauge DN 25 1 pc
Quick installed level gauge DN25 1 pc
Bund device with Manometer: DN 32