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Use – Cold water preparation for wort and fermentation line cooling
Position – vertical
Appearance - Cylindrical, with flat inner bottom.
Medium –Propylene glycol + water mixture
-Material body and insulation cladding- AISI304
-Insulation- polyurethane 100 mm
-Complete pre-piped, pre-wired and test run prior to shipment.
-Copper Freon gas snail with Freon input and output ends on the tank head.
-PT-100 temperature sensor placed on the head of the tank and connected to the Ice water tank controller placed in the Fermentation power box.
- Medium Cold water outlet DN32 placed in the tank bottom, ensures clean mixture cooling system entering .The medium outlet connected to set of centrifugal ice water pumps.
Centrifugal Ice water (Glycol) pumps
Use – Cold water circulation
Base body material : AISI 202
Position – vertical
Appearance – Flange connected pump assembled with electric motor.
Medium –Propylene glycol + water mixture
-The pumps are connected with bypass piping. One operation pumpand  second used as quick available spare for nonstop system operation.
- Both pumps assembled with AISI 304 stands for suitable cleaning and sanitation.
- Both pumps are connected to the fermentation power cabinet to ensure the automatic cooling line operation.
Glycol cooling pipeline
Full assembly according with approved layout.
Designed and adopted for costumer production area.
Material : AISI304
Central Inlet/Outlet line – DN32
Fermentation tanks Inlets/Outlets – DN25
Assembly method: quick install tri clamp connectors, ball valves.
Cooling inlet assembled with: diaphragm valve with 24V actuator connected to fermentation control panel for automatic cooling operation